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Why do I coach, and why might you like to be coached? Most coaches coach people to help them. I coach to change humankind. Person by person. Mind by mind and heart by heart.

If I facilitate healthy, beneficial, ecological changes in one person, that person will likely impact others in their life. And those will further influence others. 

If you are the kind of person who believes we need to and still can save humanity and, just as important, the planet, then you might be the perfect person in the beginning. Working on yourself is like writing a love song for humanity, like planting a seed for a new kind of verdant green forest, like seeing silver linings, graceful shapes, and rainbows in the dark clouds.


An initial springboard for change in a person is often recognizing a sense of being stuck or being oppressed by an obstruction of some sort. Once this is acknowledged, what often shows up is a self-imposed limitation, something that stymies your freedom and creativity. 

Often, the constraint is not being willing to go beyond the same point in thinking — like digging for buried treasure and pulling up just short of it.

Many self-imposed limitations come from losing touch with the deep knowledge and wisdom in the inner self and giving excessive consideration to external influences.


Coaching   Coaching is a unique technology I will use to facilitate your desired positive changes. Coaching is not therapy and not counseling because, in a session, you and I look toward the future and solutions, not the past or problems. I offer no advice because you have all the answers inside you, which come to life by being absorbed in the coaching experience and responding to my questions.

My sessions are naturalistic, meaning change is possible and occurs seamlessly and effortlessly. And enjoyably. Put another way, the mind and body work together elegantly, incorporating anything that comes along that is more useful and simple. 

NLP   Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a science of how the brain works and precisely how you uniquely represent and process the world within your mind. Thus, NLP provides us with a toolbox of processes that can lead you to an internal experience — a combination of sensations, thoughts, feelings, a revelation, a new way of seeing or regarding something that profoundly changes you in some way. In a very short time. 

Hypnosis   Hypnosis is about focus and intent, being in a trance. People are in trances throughout their day, from daydreaming to video watching. It's when you are focused on one thing to the degree everything else falls away. Hypnosis can excite and unleash your powerful unconscious mind, and your unconscious mind will begin to orient everything in your life toward what you want.

Quantum Healing   If you know what Quantum Healing is, you can fast track your personal growth and evolution. A Quantum-Healing session has three elements: an exploration for building trust and rapport, a trance that typically involves an inner journey, and a re-grounding to affirm and contextualize the learnings.

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