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An Instant

How long is an instant? As long as an awareness. As long as it takes to think, “Oh.” Whether you are coach or client, instants or instances of self-awareness are invaluable. 

An instant is a time warp. How often do you experience time disappearing when struck with a thought? It can be quite otherworldly how fifteen seconds of internal journeying can expand into what seems like five minutes of wonder and delight.

Here are a few instants in hopes at least one is a new blip on your radar.

An instant of listening is the interval in which the mind is quiet and still enough to truly hear another person. Is what one hears related to their last utterance, or not? That could be a moot point, if one is truly in the moment. Each bit of conversation can fall away, as in a conversation between two totally zoned-out people. Connection, synchronicity, insight, humor arrive in intervals with lapses.

An instant of insight excites the heart and mind. A typical insight contains irony, connecting a couple of dots that missed each other prior. More often than not it shows up as a serendipity. Like, “Hey, this person is wanting more personal power, and I was just into that last week."

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An instant of self-awareness is different from an instant of insight. Self-awareness can be neutral or positive or negative, depending on the meaning one assigns to one's “Oh." Self-awareness implies a moment of dissociation. How useful is stepping outside one’s self to look back and observe that self? It is the purpose and duty of the outer activity of the intellect to guide all awareness into constructive channels. An example then might be looking at the clock and saying to one’s self, “Hm. I have twelve minutes left to finish this.” What might ensue then is a hatched plan based on internal strategies around time and finishing something. Rushing is not only uncomfortable but one typically goes on autopilot, losing connectivity and joy in the moment. In Heaven there is no urgency.

An instant of realization, otherwise known as an 'aha moment'. How might one allow oneself to luxuriate in that moment? Think opulence. How can one realize all the possibilities that might then open up? How fitting would it then be to say something like, “Hold on. I will move on when I’m clear on this.”

An instant of nothing. Nothing usually shows up during a transition, after an ending and before the next beginning. In nothing, one can usually sense they’ve made an internal decision that brought fit and closure to something in one's mind. Things have settled neatly into one's doing and being. Might a pat on one’s back be in order? Allowing instances of nothing to exist for a few seconds will allow a corollary question, such as, “Okay, then. Where would I like to go now?”

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An instant of self-care is of utmost importance. The more moments and hours of self-care the better. This comes easy for some, hard for others. A person who takes care of him or her self may be construed as selfish; however, one comes to realize that the only way to be, the only way to show up in this world, is whole. And wholesome, which promotes more wholesomeness around one.

An instant of incongruence is when a person says one thing that means something else on a different level. Incongruence is a form of lying. Incongruence may be detected when one is artfully listening and feeling in. If one is on conversation autopilot, one may never feel the lie. When one catches incongruence, one might check in with the other person with “How much do you truly embrace what you just said?”

An instant of metaphysical connection with another person or creature is when one’s delight in another's essence and positive light is expanded suddenly and clearly. And their light allows one’s own light to shine and reflect, too.

An instant of This-Is-How-I-Love-To-Be is when one connects with one’s inner purity, strength, and attainment. One’s long and steady quest for truth and happiness is suddenly found and no other human can take it, because one’s truth is stranger than fiction and stronger than the world.

An instant of a knowing is connecting with an eternal, universal truth. One cannot put words to the knowing; best not try. Unconscious rumination over three nights of sleep usually fixes the knowing into place on every level of being. Here is an instant of something sounding tongue and cheek. What will one do with a tongue-and-cheeky instant?.

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