Fb Reframed

Fb is Facebook. I am over Fb. You too? Fb is kinda worn out and lacking excitement. It is experiencing a sudden and steep learning curve right now. Confidentiality issues. Lawsuits.

In the years I’ve been on Fb, I felt tension between my posts and my personal values. I wanted to be positive. Of humor, I wanted it to be laughable and harmless. I have laughed out loud at some of the more sarcastic political and comical, person-slamming posts. Then I felt guilty.

Fb hands

Facebook posts reveal a person’s gender, profession, sexual inclination, marital status, number of children along with each kid’s gender and age, political leaning, world view, light-heartedness or lack of, pets, favorite color, social sense, charities, and vacation spots with or without dates. If you let it. And you let it by posting it.

Each one of us on Fb has been put into a box with others of similar profiles, friended or not, and then – poof and voilà – influenced. We are indeed influenced by real or unreal Fb pages and posts despite any futile resistance.

Every thought extends itself, because that is its nature and purpose. Thoughts, like air, cannot be stagnant. You and your thoughts are constantly creating, stirring, mingling, lofting, drifting — most the time randomly because we do not recognize our potential. An idea, as an intentionally extended and shared thought, ripples out with purpose. An idea that is intentionally shared grows and increases as it extends, like a breeze amplifies into a wind.

Fb icons - Version 2

I am looking at Fb with new eyes, determined now to use Fb instead of it using me. I believe it offers an effective way to have positive global influence. Now that the power and reach of Facebook is being revealed – the power of self-serving governments and organizations mining Facebook user info – might all of us reconsider what we post.

What if we changed the nature of our posts? What if we posted only peace-loving, mindful, thought-provoking, slightly challenging posts? Into what category would we be relegated then? Boring? Proactive? Sugarcoated? Independent? Benevolent? Would someone still want to mine our data? Would self-serving, money-gulping entities target any one of us?

I can’t say. What’s your theory? Care to join me in some soul-equalizing, leveling-up kind of posts? Comments? Shares? Likes, loves, laughs, surprises and more?

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