Journeying is the new meditation. Journeying is self-coaching. What follows is how and why.

The type of journeying I’m talking about, I am theorizing, is likely based in the shamanic journey. Shamans enter the spirit world and do so in an altered state of consciousness. They usually travel into the natural world and may go into the stars but mostly they go within or underground or keep their feet on the ground. They have knowledge of which plants and animals are sacred and medicinal and best suited for the sought after spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is like calling a jungle jaguar a kitty cat: The depths shamanism can reach and what is recovered or restored or born anew is quite profound.

Shamans use ritual, ceremony, natural compounds, drumming, movement and more for the altered state. Meditation is useful to access a quiet altered state for receiving downloads from Spirit. Or for being receptive to one’s intuition, if one is nascent in that department. Journeying is suited for creating, engaging both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Journeying is similar to meditation in that it diminishes the impression of the outer world and renders the mind more receptive to suggestion from within. The course in a journey is prefaced by a yearning, hopefully of positive intent, and leans toward manifestation. Most people find journeying enjoyable, productive in noticeable results, and easier than meditatively stilling the mind.

persons journeying

For most people it is easier to ascribe their feelings to the world around them than to concede that the conditions of the world reflect their inner world. The world cannot change for a person until they change their conception of the world. Journeying is the beginning of understanding such perception and conception, allowing one to step into choice and vision and experience the power therein. Changing the world is an inside job.

Journeying is just as it sounds, taking a journey in one’s mind, and is usually practiced to gather information from self or Source in order to create via the imagination. The conscious mind is occupied and not so much engaged, which is ideal. Because the conscious mind occupies itself with traveling and the terrain in the journey, the subconscious mind takes delight in its new freedom to be heard, to be acknowledged, and to be asked to guide and contribute. And contribute it does, to the benefit of self and Self. 

One can embrace one’s vision in sleep and in prayer if the know-how is there. Journeying takes simply doing it. The extent to which you journey is proportional to the extent of your imagination. In journeying one learns how to soften and yield to a wish, forcing it not. Often as a result of joining both conscious and subconscious minds, a person’s want manifests much to his or her amazement and delight without much effort on any level. Put another way, it is well known that having a clear vision — encapsulated in sight, sound, sensation — is half the journey to achieving it. The moment one steps into one’s worthy and ecological want or desire, the subconscious finds the means for its realization. Read any of Neville Goddard’s books and you will catch his explanation of and excitement for this. I recommend the Power of Awareness: Move from Desire to Wishes Fulfilled.

*   *   *

Maybe I will offer an explanation, yes, how to use journeying specifically. Like what kind of journeys to go on.

Journey to a place. … Journey to a sacred place and meet a creature or totem animal, a guide, a mentor, an Ascended Master. … A place to sit with them or a walk to take with them … and things that happen along that walk that are significant and hold great meaning. … And if you do sit with them, the love that encapsulates you … along with you get to ask any question you desire. And you will receive an answer.

You can journey underground in tunnels that look like the inside of your veins. … You can journey into outer space and find beings out there to have conversations with. ... You can find Ascended Masters, you can find visitors from other planets. … You can find many things in what seemingly is empty space, … you can find many platforms, stations, portals, all the energetic dynamics that are going on out there. ... You can travel into the great Hall of Records or the Akashic Records. … You can travel into past lives. … You can travel and visit with those who have crossed over, … those you are currently connected to, those who have gone before you, those who are yet to come.

The possibilities of where you journey and what happens to you along the way depend on what you believe. It may become apparent then that the only limitation you will encounter is your own limiting belief. What if you believed that in your mind anything is possible? Where would you go?

*   *   *

I think this is enough for one reading. Another time perhaps, you will want to pick this up again. Start below the quote here,  below where you will find how to set intent, enter a relaxed state, turn the mind from the objective world, and sense the reality of a subjective state. 

Kuthumi quote

A good thing to practice is this: enter your journey, come back to the present, take some succinct notes (one or two words), then re-enter your journey where you last left off. Repeat as desired. Ready to begin?

Let’s begin. You may read here, then journey and take notes. Or you may click here for a 9-minute 12-second audio with brief pauses for notetaking. You may stop and start it as needed. And for most impact take hardly any notes, a bookmark of one or two words after each question.

You may or may not close your eyes. Uncross your arms and legs and feel the chair and floor support you, as you become aware of your breath, relaxing more with each exhale. Letting that which no longer serves you slough off like grey ash to be used somewhere else as needed. How would it be to travel in your mind, go to a favorite place in the world or within it or beyond it that feels special to you. Or, how might you create a new space that fills your every comfort and need, where you feel most your self? You may enjoy your entire journey from this space or you can mentally move about and travel anywhere you wish.

How might you soften even more to allow something, anything to come into your awareness, a remembering of something you wanted recently? Something tangible, something obtainable or not, something intangible, a way of being. What was that desire? What wish of yours would you like to explore on this journey? You’re welcome to write it down now. Or simply keep it in mind. One or two words may capture it best.

Why do you want that? Why is that important to you?

If you already had what you just came up with or wrote, what does that do for you?

And if you had what you first wrote along with what you just wrote, completely in place, what might be even more important?

If everything you just wrote were in place, a part of you already, completely and utterly, then who would you be?

If you were to journey in your mind having set that intent to achieve your want so you have those qualities you wrote and become the person you noticed you became, would that worthwhile to you? (If anyone feels lost, confused, or out of place here simply pretend; that is, play along moving forward, perhaps setting your intent to be simply curious and have a good time.) State your intent to yourself by saying, "I want [fill in the blank with your want], only if it benefits me and others, directly or indirectly."

Back to your special, safe, and comfortable place or traveling in your mind into new landscapes, what could you add right now to your space to support you moving in the direction of your want? Go ahead and offer that to your self now.  How could you really settle into your place?

As you become aware of your breath and how each exhale offers you more and more relaxation you might find yourself looking back, where you have traveled from, not just today but over your lifetime, a lifetime of experiences and learnings. Life is all about learning, isn’t it? What might be one experience or learning that comes to mind that might help you now move things in the direction you want to go, with regard to your want? How could you apply that learning or refer to that experience where you are now?

Back to your place or on a path, a new curiosity might show up. What would be new for you? That is, what might be coming into your awareness, something you have never tried before? Something that just might be worth a try, with regard to your want.

What if someone were to join you for a moment or two? A person you deeply respect, perhaps a mentor or an iconic figure, real or fictional. What might they say to you that deeply contributes to you having or becoming what you want? Thank them for their sage advice. What are some questions you want to ask? What are some answers?

What if some time passes so that you are in the future now, far ahead, stepping into the future, a fitting time like weeks, months, or years, ... and you have already gotten what you wanted and become that person you desired to be. What would that be like for you? How would you know you had become or done all that? Suppose you could step into being that future-you, and you could turn around and look at yourself here, what might be some wise words of wisdom that future-you could share to support the you here and now?

If you took on those wise words now and implemented the wisdom, what other possibilities open up for you? What else opens up?

And when you achieved what you wanted or became how you wanted to be, who else is impacted? What are the benefits to them?

Specifically, what may you have contributed to those around you, the world?

And then, thinking back to the beginning of this particular journey you are on, how could you support or motivate yourself so that you move yourself even further along on this path?

How will you best capture your experience or take note here so that you can remember this when this journey comes to an end?

When you are ready and at your own pace, bow down to your self for making the journey, for your openness for begin truly present in the moment. Return to the here and now, to where you were before your journey began. How may you thank both your conscious mind and subconsious for partnering for your benefit?

It’s as simple as that. Enjoyable? Next time, you can go journeying elsewhere or continue this one

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