Leveling Up

Kristin Logan, a fellow coach and medium in Evansburg, Alberta with a population of 784 people, 29 dogs, 41 cats, and one Town Grouch (Kristin in 2018), used the phrase ‘leveling up’ in mutual coaching session. What is leveling up? It’s thinking with clarity. It’s a feeling that something clicked inside, something significant. It’s an awareness that reverberates into other and all aspects of your life. A smile comes to your face, like you have a discovered one of the many secrets to life, because you have. Leveling up is a significant step toward being closer to your galactic home, your spiritual center, your chosen path here in Earth. You know you are on your way, on your intended path, and making progress by doing nothing other than being your true self.

It’s like this. Once you’ve seen a firefly, you can never forget it. Once you’ve noticed that you’ve leveled up, you’re hooked. Levels matter not. That there is infinity of them matters not. Try it. The next time you feel like something fell into place inside you, recognize you just leveled up. Then look out because the levels may come fast and furious. Or you may have a dry spell. But eventually you’ll level up. And notice it. Again and again. There is no limit.

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