One Up, One Down

One Up One Down not even

While reading a book about Milton H. Erickson (1901-1980) I met with a couple terms that left me clueless. One-up and on-down. One Up was used to describe Erickson when he was in a position of more knowing that his patient. Patient is the right word here because Erickson was a psychiatrist and psychologist. By title he was one-up most the time. That made his patients one-down. But one of the things I love about Erickson was he was never one-up or one-down from anyone and never considered himself that for a single moment.

Erickson was a genius who is regarded still as a master of his profession. No one has come close to being as effective in therapeutic interventions. Many have studied and written about him, tried to capture his technique to learn or teach it. While much of this has been useful to many in the healing-arts profession, the truth is Erickson himself said he could not teach all of his techniques. He could not teach them because he made them up on the fly. Some he came to use more often than others, and those he taught. Each patient or client or encounter with another human being was totally unique, as unique as the individual him or her self. And recognizing this, Erickson simply tried to understand the world through that person’s perception, to acquire that person’s concept of reality. It was not better or inferior to his. It was simply different.

One Up One Down even

Can you imagine a world in which we were all just One. No up or down? Just on the same level. Recognizing that the other’s perception and reality is and should be different than our own. If you cannot imagine it, it is not going to happen. For you. For me. For any and all of us. Here is why.

"There is — no — outer — organization — of these [of us,]— Perfected Beings. Only by — living — and expressing — this Perfection — through self-correction of human weaknesses — and full adoration to the Divine Being Within — can an individual draw himself — into association — with those working at this — high — level of attainment."

This quote if from "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfré Ray King. There are many working at this high level of attainment. If you made it this far, welcome to being one of them.

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