If you were born in the 1900s, the word ‘resources’ probably brings to mind things taken from the earth for specific purposes. Like trees for wood or paper, oil for fuel, metals for industry, and more. Personal resources might bring to mind finances or connections with one-up people. Resources, as it applies to coaching, has nothing to do with scarcity or specialness. A resource has more to do with an attitude of abundance and growth.

neurologic levels triangle color

Personal resources are found on all neurologic levels shown in the triangle. They can be related to the environment, a driver of behavior, associated with innate abilities, connected to your values and beliefs, and contribute largely to your identity. More important, they are that part of you that is connected to something larger than yourself, not of this world or tangible Earth whatsoever. How so?

Namaste. You’ve heard “Namaste” perhaps from a yoga instructor or a woo-woo person? It means “the light in me sees the light in you.” Coaches hold this as a foundational belief, one that comes in the form of this presupposition: “People have all the resources they need.” This means I presume you have a light in you or you have an internal access to what you want and need. Solution-focused coaches honor that in their clients; furthermore, coaches depend on that light. It is the reason why we are able to ask questions and not offer one iota of advice.

What if you claim to not have your (or a client does not believe in their) own resources or cannot connect with inner light? In my experience – which is not as vast as I would like it to be yet still significant – I have not encountered a single person who after turning inward for an answer has come up empty handed. However, if that person holds on to a belief that they are incapable, well that might need some attention first. This is why it may be best to default to being a skeptic rather than a non-believer. Better yet may be to believe anything is possible thereby not limiting your self whatsoever.

Sure, a person at first might be a little awkward at tapping into his or her own resources. But the elegant brain realizes resources are where-it’s-at and quickly masters the behavior. A habit is formed. Imagine how a life might change when one realizes that everything they need is within them.

Anyone who turns inward, looking for something helpful to actually appear on the inside of their eyelids, typically finds something that matches their need or finds exactly what they are after, probably a little outside their reach but clearly the next step at the time. These are ’resources,’ in the best sense of the word. Namaste.

© Kris Kramer Coach 2020