Soul Equality

Authority. A voice of authority. Know it all. One up. Title and entitled. Houston, we have a problem.

From A Course in Miracles

 "A problem cannot be solved if you do not know what it is. 
Even if it is really solved already you will still have the problem,
 because you will not recognize that it has been solved.
This is the situation of the world.”                      

What if there is only one problem? And that problem is soul inequality? And what if that problem has already been solved, because deep inside you and me is a knowing that we are all equal, at the level of the soul? We are all human, made of the same cloth and consciousness. Are we not aware of it because we are not recognizing the problem — the voice or persona of an assumed authority? Is the problem only making us imperceptibly uncomfortable instead of sending up red flags and stop signs?

Soul Equality is the rebirth and actualization of the idea, “No one can lose for anyone to gain.”

Un-equality is a result of fear. Fear is the absence of Love. Fear mongering is a favorite action for controlling the individuals and masses of people. I’d prefer Love mongering, I think. Distraction and duplicity lead to inequality, too.

How often do you notice your own soul-equality mode? How comfortable are you in the presence of authority as an individual or in a group with others? 

How comfortable are you sitting in a role of authority?

How do you maintain soul equality in a roll such as student with teacher or coach with client?

Name and speak the white elephant. If equality is notably missing, how capable are you in knowing your truth? How will you decide whether or not to speak your truth. Or how will you sit in the discomfort of denial or tongue-biting, or not? What is your internal threshold or limit? How will you put up some sort of external stop sign? What will that be? In what manner will you gently or forcefully bring another’s attention to inequality? Or, …. What would or do you do?

How might you better prepare yourself, like a fire drill in your home or at work or school, for an experience of intolerable inequality?

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