Equine Experiential

If you are a horse lover and have your own horse, why not engage your equine partner in your personal growth?
There is nothing better than experiencing positive changes in the moment and in the flesh along with learning from a creature you love. 

An equine-experiential coaching session is about you and not so much your horse, yet your horse will certainly enjoy the session, too.

Kris has studied with Linda Kohanov since 2006. Linda’s organization, EponaQuest, and is one of the premier ones in the field of equine experiential work. Kris continues to learn about Linda’s most recent work, along with the science to substantiate the work as she partners with Dr. Rebecca Bailey and Dr. Ann L. Baldwin. Kris is listed as an EponaQuest Recommended Instructor in the US Rocky Mountain Region.

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Kris will come to you and your horse and meet with the two of you for one hour. This is ground work only and a minimum of that. The session will focus on your wants, desires, dreams, and aspirations regarding you and your horse or simply your self.

Before making an appointment, email Kris at kris@kriskramercoach.com to tell her of your location and about the horse you want to include.

Travel limitations may apply.

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