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Single Session

You and Kris meet for 45 to 60 minutes.Yes, significant positive change can happen in 30 minutes. If you don’t believe that, that may be the first thing to explore.
In-Person at 
14 West Second Street, #20, Whitefish, MT or Online on Zoom with audio only

Series of Five 1080

Extended Coaching is for more-in-depth exploration over time. You and Kris meet weekly — in person or online.
Between meetings, you attend to your own planned actions and integrative steps.

$10 Sessions 1080

Try coaching for only $10 or sign up for a coaching session that you can afford.
Ten $10 Sessions are made available each month. Limit of two per person.

Equine Exp 1080

Click here to learn about Equine-Experiential Coaching Sessions.

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Ready to Feel the Joy 1080

Or email Kris at with an inquiry or question.

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