Sitting with the Within Masters

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No one said spiritual studies and awakening and personal evolution couldn’t be enjoyable or fun. Becoming better acquainted with the Beings who are here to teach, guide, and serve one will allow one to truly know they have never, not even once been alone. Masters within are purely waiting to be asked and accessed. This book does not explain how to receive messages from Masters or inner resources; instead, it constructs and structures experiences by which the phenomenon occurs. Instead of stark information, this book works its magic by experiential activity, the effective ingredient for long-lasting and impactful changes. Enjoy the succinct yet powerful narratives, concepts to comprehend and collect, metaphors to imagine, what-if scenarios to try on, and mental processes to walk one’s Self through. Engage your heart and gut by calling up emotions, stepping into states of being, being suddenly attentive to what’s happening internally, tuning into your physical body, searching for answers to open-ended questions, recalling past experiences, and resolving recurring memories.

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