Quantum Healing is Healing Yourself on Many Levels

Kris completed training in two methods — Quantum Healing Hypnosis TherapySM (QHHT®) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). Both involve relaxation and visualization processes, sometimes called trancework or hypnosis. Kris guides and facilitates the client on an internal journey to obtain inner knowing and healing. 

You will travel in your mind's eye to exactly where you need to go to fulfill your desire and intent -- a previous life, a parallel reality, a nonphysical existence, or an unidentifiable place. Kris guides you in accessing the all-knowing part of many names -- Subconscious, Superconscious, Higher Self, and Oversoul. This part can connect to the Akashic Records plus Universal or Collective Consciousness and answers the life questions you have brought to the session, performs healing, and conveys understanding and clarity. We record this part of the session for you to listen to later and as often as you wish.

A session takes a few hours and consists of the following three parts.

1 First Part Q & A

The initial dialog builds rapport and trust. During this dialog, we refine the questions to ask during the session. You explain your current life situation, identify significant people and events, talk about areas of concern, list physical imbalances you'd like healed. 

2 Second Part Journey

Kris gently guides you into relaxation and visualization to an appropriate time and place in your mind for the most significant learning experience. 

The information revealed in this part perfectly fits your level of consciousness and awareness and is nothing less than perfect and nothing more than one can handle.

During this time, you are aware of what's going on, focused, and totally in control. What takes place may seem like a fantasy or a dream. Remembering differs from person to person, thus the recording.

3 Third Part Reorient and Review

You feel well-rested and wonderful as you acclimate back to the present time. A brief conversation with Kris will help connect your experience with day-to-day life. You resume the rest of your day as usual, with a little extra focus on self-care because detoxification may occur with the healing aspect.

Results are Specific Healing is possible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and occurs in most sessions. It is best to keep an open mind when going into a session since healing depends on your beliefs. A person who believes in the process or is at least an open-minded skeptic has a higher chance of radical transformation. A pure non-believer will likely have their lack of belief confirmed by minimal or lack of results.

Safety All sessions are in-person, one-on-one for safety and privacy. You may enjoy relaxing on a bed with a light or medium covering. You are always aware of what is happening, in control, and able to respond to anything that may arise.

First-time sessions are in person only. Subsequent sessions may be online.

Should you revisit a past traumatic event, you do so as an observer, so there is no discomfort. Again, all sessions need to be in-person so that Kris can monitor the situation for the most comfort, safety, and overall benefit.

For More Information on the Processes

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis TherapySM or QHHT® was developed by Dolores Cannon over four decades with thousands of QHHT® clients. She has published over a dozen books on this process and from the information she gathered during her work.

In a session, one accesses the all-knowing part of oneself that has been called the Higher Self, Source, and the God-Within along with the Akashic Records. Dolores's term is 'Subconscious' abbreviated 'SC.' The 'SC' has unlimited knowledge and power to heal the human body -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

QHHT® happens in person only and is more structured than BQH.

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BQH was founded by Candace Craw-Goldman after she practiced QHHT® for a few years. It is a more flexible process that tends to be for the more spiritually oriented person.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM

What is the BQH or Beyond Quantum Healing?

What is the Subconscious?

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