Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT®, utilizes a state of consciousness called 'somnambulistic trance.' Dolores Cannon developed QHHT® over several decades with thousands of QHHT® clients.

In a session, one accesses the all-knowing part of oneself that has been called the Higher Self, Source, and the God-Within along with the Akashic Records. Dolores's term is 'Subconscious' abbreviated SC, which exists out of the awareness of one's conscious mind. The SC has unlimited knowledge and power to heal the human body -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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A Session

One comes to a session with a list of questions and one or more reasons why they want a QHHT® Session. A session takes a few hours and consists of three parts: one with a dialogue about the client's current life, two as the hypnotic session with regression to a past life or lives then conversation with the SC, and three with an aftermath of remembrances, learnings, and grounding. 


The initial dialog builds rapport and trust between the client and Kris. During this dialog, the client refines the ten questions they prepared ahead of time. The client explains their current life situation, significant people and events, and areas of concern or perceived imbalance. Kris will then use the client's information in the hypnotic part to gain perspective, new awareness, knowledge, life lessons, messages from Spirit, and more for the client.


Kris facilitates the somnambulistic trance and guides one to an appropriate time and space and places selected by the SC for the most significant learning and useful experience. Current 'ailments' can be rooted in trauma from past lives; furthermore, they may connect to lessons unfolding in a person's present life. The SC reveals the cause and assists one proportionate to their soul level and purpose, often revealing or refining that purpose. The SC also may actively scan and heal the client's body while Kris continues to ask the client's questions.

During the trancework, one is somewhat aware of what's going on. What occurred may seem like a dream once the session ends. 


Kris brings the client out of trance slowly and securely. One feels well-rested as they acclimate back to the present time. After the session, the client resumes their day as usual, with a little extra focus on self-care because detoxification often occurs in the healing part. All clients receive the audio recording of the session to listen to in the days, weeks, and months afterward.

Physical Healing

The following are some physical hurdels that have been experienced by clients using Canon’s QHHT®.

Mended, Repaired, Adjusted, Made Whole, Balanced

  • Wounds
  • Heart Issues
  • Skin Issues
  • All Organs
  • Eyes, Hears, Taste
  • Brain Function
  • Lungs

Regenerated or Added

  • Cartilage and Soft Tissues
  • Joint Fluids
  • Muscle

Eliminated or Removed

  • Back Damage
  • Hips, Knees, Ankles Breakdown
  • Arthritis
  • Cancers
  • Migraines
  • HIV
  • Herpes

Results are Specific

Healing is possible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and occurs in 90% of the time. It is best to keep an open mind when going into a session because healing depends on the individual's beliefs. A person who believes in the process or is at least an open-minded skeptic has a higher chance of radical transformation. A pure non-believer will likely have their lack of belief confirmed by minimal or lack of results.


All sessions are in-person, one-on-one for safety and privacy. The client relaxes on their back on a bed with a light or medium covering. Kris begins with a short guided meditation for more profound relaxation. As the client, one is always aware of what is happening, in control, and able to respond and react to anything that may arise.

Should one revisit a past traumatic event, they do so as an observer, so there is no discomfort. Again, all sessions need to be in-person so that Kris can monitor the situation for the most comfort, safety, and overall benefit.

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