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Sensitives & Starseeds began in February 2020, meeting initially once a month and currently twice a month. We meet on the first and third Monday of each month. 

We began on the third Monday with one member talking about something they are passionate or curious about, typically something metaphysical or related to being a sensitive (as in, highly-sensitive person) or a starseed. On the first Monday, we met to ask further questions on the topic and discuss anything else that bubbled up. This format allowed us to get to know one another.

In April 2020, the group put together this vision. "Each of us is curious about and interested in interacting in a safe and supportive group. Each may use this collection of individuals as a launching point for growth and learning, and for 'putting our self out there,' understanding that each one of us contributes something unique, be that obvious or not.

As of 2021, the format will change and further evolve. On the first Monday of each month, we will connect and update each other on remarkable or unremarkable experiences, coincidences, occurrences, awarenesses, and more. We’ve found great value and comfort in this open sharing. A member will then distribute or share the text, video, email, audio, or other resource to each member in some format. When we will meet on the third Monday we discuss the information or our experience with it. 


New members are accepted. After attending one or more meetings to decide if the group is a fit, they commit to watching two videos, Group Guidelines Parts I and II. Communication is via a private-email group list. If interested in joining this group, send your request to

We meet in person and online, meaning some members come to the physical meeting in the Guest House (Kris’ office) while others attend via Zoom. Logistically, this works out well. During the Covid, this may change to abide by state and federal directives.

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