Single Coaching Sessions

Single Sessions are helpful for something that needs specific attention or a change in attitude or ambiance -- similar to changing the oil in your car, getting a cavity filled at the dentist, or brightening up your home with a manageable remodel.

15-Minutes Chat (Free) with Kris Since coaching relies on the rapport between coach and client, you can chat with Kris to determine if you think she would be a good fit for you. Ask any coaching-related questions you have in your decision to schedule an appointment.

Single Session (One Hour $94) A coaching session follows positive- and present- focused steps toward what you want that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, realistic, timely, and ecologic. You don’t hang out in the past or with problems; instead, you turn the focus on resources, solutions, and one or more apparent paths to your desired outcome.

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Coaching Program

Kris’ coaching niche is that of spiritual or metaphysical, which she describes as upper level. Upper-level integrity trickles down into all aspects of your life.

Her new program alternates coaching sessions with informative sessions. Videos are free so check them out to see if they are a fit for you.

1   Intro - Coaching Session to Determine Direction and Desires $0

2   Neurologic Levels Videos

3   Neurologic Levels Follow-Up Coaching Session $94

4   Hero’s Journey Videos and Maps

5   Hero’s Journey Videos Follow-Up Coaching Session $94

6   Six Parts Video and Parts Party Video

7   Six Parts and Parts Party Videos Follow-Up Coaching Session $94

8   Summary Coaching Session $94

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Quantum Healing Sessions

If you know what Quantum Healing (QH) is, then you might like to know that Kris offers QH sessions which include past regressions and inner journeying. Sessions are two hours in length. $200.

Email Kris at with your desires, an inquiry, or questions.

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