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At this time, only online sessions are available.

As of late 2020, Kris changed over to a Pay-What-You-Want fee schedule.
There is a minimum fee, along with an option that allows you to contribute more. 
What you pay is up to you beyond the minimum.

If you need a guideline on fees, the suggested rate is $1 per minute. 

  • For example, the suggested payment for a 60-Minute Coaching Session would be $60.
  • For example, the suggested payment for a 3-Hour Quantum Healing Session would be $180.

Quantum Healing Sessions

Each Quantum Healing Session begins with a conversation to hone in on your comfort, wants, and questions. Then, relaxation and visualization processes allow you to access all-knowing and benevolent parts of you and to follow the journey related to the intention you set for yourself. 

With your permission, we record the session so you can revisit -- as often as you like -- the new information, perspectives, awareness, and answers to your questions.

Initial sessions are three hours in duration. Subsequent sessions are about two hours.

Single Coaching Sessions

A coaching session follows an inner-journey in the landscape of what you want that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, realistic, timely, and ecologic. We don’t hang out in the past or with problems; instead, we turn the focus on resources, solutions, and one or more clear paths to your desired outcome.


Subscribe for Five

Subscribe for Five is a money-saving, bundle of five coaching sessions to use at your leisure. Extended coaching works well for more-in-depth exploration or larger aspirations over time. Between sessions, you attend to your planned actions and integrative steps.

Email Kris at with an inquiry or question.

schedule an appt

How Scheduling an Appointment Works

These six steps describe how Kris’ scheduling works.

  1. Watch this video and see if I am a fit for you.
  2. Click on the fitting "Schedule an Appointment" link above and select the date and time that works for you.
  3. Meet with me at the designated date and time to tell me your story and wants and desires.
  4. Answer my questions by speaking your truth.
  5. Go back and out about into your life and work, implementing your new outlook or way of being or unique plan.
  6. Repeat as needed; that is, make another appointment when it suits you -- be that in weeks, months, or longer.

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